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Sign a Petition for a Street for Derrion

I know I haven’t posted in forever, but this just came up in the RedEye. Please sign. I know there are so many kids who have lost their lives, but let’s give Derrion some honor.

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19 Murders in 2013 Wouldn't Have Happened With Tougher Gun Laws, Police Say

Great article on who could’ve been saved this year with better gun laws.

Darryl Holliday for DNA Info.

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Leonard Anderson, 17

Leonard Anderson, 17


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Peace Tournament - Portrait of Player

After being named the murder capital of America, Chicago suffered one of it’s most violent weeks earlier this month after 18 shootings happened in just 48hrs. In the wake of the violence, St. Sabina, and Joakim Noah, organized the Peace Tournament, that involved rival gang members participating in a peaceful afternoon of basketball with NBA players coaching each team. Here are a few images from last saturday.

CNN/NBA spots:

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Four years ago I covered the Derrion Albert story. It’s saddening that so many similar cases among our own community as well as beyond it have done nothing but multiply.

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Apathetic Murder: The killing of Derrion Albert

Thank you for this piece. 

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Pierce Curry, 17

Anthony Dickerson, 17

Maurice Knowles, 16

Geanni Boyd, 16

Jaleel Pearson, 18

All Black teenage boys show on the West and South sides of Chicago. 

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RIP Derrion

1993 - September 24, 2009

Today marks 4 years.

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As we sent our kids back to school today, across supposed “Safe Passages,” these were the faces of the children we lost in the second half of the summer.

Darryl Green, 17

Gizzell Ford, 8

Joseph Brewer, 16

Tyrone Hart, 18

Kenneth Barbour, 18 (no photo)

Antonio Alves, 18

Carla Eguez, 5

Daquan Boyd, 18

Omar Castel, 17

Lavander Hearnes, 14

Note: Apologies again for not updating frequently this summer. After the George Zimmerman case, I honestly could not do it. My heart was broken. It still is, but I hope people start paying attention to all of these children we continue to lose to violence.


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Harper Student Murdered | This American Life

I just can’t.

RIP Darryl Green, 17.